Monday, 5 June 2017

What is Scaling of Robot in Robotic Process Automation?

Scaling of Robo / Bot is very critical process regarding designing the RPA solution . If the solution is not well designed, we will not able scale the solution and get the full ROI of RPA tools.

Let comes back to work estimation theory

Let’s estimate work for 80 Hrs

If x every day work for 8 hours x requires 10 days  to complete the task (80/8 =10)

if X Manager want to decrease the time line to compete the task He / She deploy 2 resources for 80 hrs. works   

80 Hrs /2Person = 40 Hours  

40 Hrs /8 Hrs  = 5 Days

if X Manager will deploy 2 resources the work will be to completed in  5 days

Same in RPA world –

If one robo/ Bots everyday process 100 Invoices in 8 Hrs and requirements is to process 1400 Invoices in 5 day what will be do

100 * 8 = 800

1400 / 800 = 1.75

We will deploy 2 Bots for Process of 1400 invoices
So adding the new Robo/ Bots as the Volume of work increases is known as scaling of Robot.

Note : I have selected one  reason for scaling of Robo / bots their are other reason also for scaling the robo i.e. Access , Security,  


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